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My name is Brooke Rose. I am 18 and I am in my senior year of high school.
I love makeup and photography. This blog will serve as my public journal as well as a place for me to post makeup or photography I find inspiring or I create myself. I am also using it right now to get school credit. If you have any tips or suggestions please don't hesitate to leave something in my ask.
Ask me anything and please enjoy!
Thank you!
~Dare to Dream~
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Makeup comes in loads of different styles. You can put it on men and woman, child or your great grandmother. What I think is important to remember about makeup is that it is an art form. Unique and beautiful in its own way. You can wear it everyday or once a year. But it still plays a huge role in our world today. Its fantastic!

*The last picture…Thats a guy.


The Smurfs was one of my favorite cartoon as a kid. Now with this great Smurf makeup collection I can be creative with something i’m familiar with. Its fun to have themed makeup kits sometimes so you can create original looks that are inspired bye some of your favorite things!

Makeup is amazing to me. You can get so many styles and colors and types. You can even get makeup in themed kits. Today I found a Hello Kitty Makeup kit. Its cute, fun, and simple. It has the general assortment of makeup, blush, eye shadow, and lipstick. You can crate an innocent happy look, or just use the included makeup on other looks. Either way its loads of fun. :)

Blush is a great way to bring out cheeks and make you look flushed and rosie. Its usually pretty cheep and you don’t need to use a lot so it lasts a long time. Another great thing about blush is you can use it for eye shadow do get bright or natural colors on your lids! Experiment and have fun!

Straighteners are a wonderful tool. You can have pin-straight hair or, you can create a wavy head of hair. All you need to do is watch this video and its as easy as turn on your straightener and get going! This method works on long hair too. Work with it and do it so it works for you!

Liquid Eyeliner is an amazing makeup product. When putting makeup on your eyes you can do lots of blending with eye shadows and pencil liners but if you want a dark bold line always use liquid liners. They are fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it.*

Its not an expensive product and you can get in in a lot of different colors, and styles. Just find what works best for you!

*results may vary

A fun thing you can do when dying you hair is make coontails.

You can use just about any dye as long as the one you use for the actual stripes, is darker than the color you will dye over.

Click the link below to watch a tutorial on how to do it!

Today I thought I would go a different direction and do a post on Full body, or caricature makeup! I watched a video on how to become Neytiri from Avatar, over the weekend and I wanted to share. Though this video has a lot of great tips you can always make yourself look more original, and you can have fun and find ways to do the same look that works for you!

Click on the link below to watch this great video!


Who doesn’t like bright flashy colors?

Who doesn’t like flirty eyelashes?

Very few people.

What if I told you we could mix those two glorious things together? Now wait, before you start crying from the endless amount of joy that is flowing into your body at this very moment, let me tell you a few things.

You, at a very small price could electrify your face with Colored Mascara

You can find it in just about any local drug store. Just look in the makeup section and allow your creativity to run wild!

            You can cry now.


Eyebrows are amazing. They show expression and some can even show creativity. Our body’s are amazing and we can change our appearance with such ease. One thing I think is fun to change sometimes it the eyebrows. You can change the shape, the color, and make them disappear. A easy way to temporarily change them would be to draw them on or shave/pluck them. For drawing them on you can apply the color of your choice with just a plain eyeliner pencil straight onto your brow hair. If you don’t like that and want a smoother longer lasting look you can shave your eyebrows or cover them with wax and use liquid eyeliner, or special liners specifically for eyebrows. The creations you can make are limitlessness!